Each month

If you are interested in an exhbition of your work, contact:

• Jan & Mark Wiesner, curators, preferably by email:


• Arrangements will need to be made to see samples of your work that you wish to exhibit preferably digitally or at Awakenings at a mutually agreeable time. Please include your resume, bio and description, size and price range of work.

• Content and continuity are the real concerns. Awakenings is a coffee shop and wine bar and some subject matter may not be deemed appropriate for the venue.

• Once approved, the agreed upon showing of artwork will be hung promptly in the morning at 8:00 am on the

1st Saturday of the month agreed upon. Your Show must be taken down promptly at 8:00 am on the 1st Saturday of the following month. A piece can be replaced if sold, but your Show must stay up the entire month. No blank walls or empty spaces are acceptable and being on time is required. Requesting to take down a show early or to adjust the hang and/or take down times is generally not negotiable. Please note, that we do not want to walk into Awakenings at anytime and see an empty wall or a piece removed. By exhibiting your work at Awakenings you are agreeing to these terms. Any changes will require communication and agreement; otherwise, the onus of adhering to this schedule is on you.

• Your Show must include your Artist’s biography or an Artist statement on one side of an 8.5” X 11” sheet of paper and framed for displaying. Individual titles for each work and, if for sale, the price for each piece may be either attached to the work or posted on your Bio. Awakenings has an adjustable rod hanging system that is very flexible. The hanging system requires that all work must be framed and wired for hanging. The lighting over the two front walls can be adjusted vertically but not horizontally. Neither using adhesives on nor putting holes in the walls is permitted. Business cards should be in a holder attached to your frames or Artist Statement/Biography. There are a limited number of hooks for the rods. Generally each side has 12 hooks and rods, 24 total for the whole venue. If your exhibition of work requires more than what’s allotted, contact me at least one week in advance of the hang to sort out the distribution or to modify your show.Awakenings nor the curator are responsible for works left on the premises. Awakenings is simply

• Neither

• If you are interested in having an opening, reception, or installation, that too is possible. No food or beverage may be brought into the venue without the consent of the curator and Awakneings

Awakenings exhibits artwork from area visual artists. There are four spaces available. The two (2) tan spaces (4’ X 12’) on the left and right walls close to the door; and, the two (2) green spaces one (2.5’ X 6’) on the left and another (4’ X 6’) right further into the room. Currently, we are displaying 1 or 2 Artists each month. The amount of space and the specific area will be set by the curator.providing a venue for you to exhibit your art work at your risk. Should a sale occur directly or indirectly, on or off the premises, as a result of your Show at Awakenings, a commission of 20% of the gross sales amount is due to curator from sales of your work, so, knowing this, price your work accordingly. All dealings for purchases of your works are between you and each buyer. At the conclusion of your Show, at take down, an accounting of sales and commissions owed are payable in full to Jan and Mark Wiesner.

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