Every month, Awakenings will present Artists to exhibit their work. There are four spaces available and they are: The two (2) tan spaces (4’ X 12’) on the left and right walls close to the door; and, the two (2) green spaces (4’ X 6’) on the left and right further into the room. The amount of space and the specific area will be set by the curator.

If you are interested in applying to exhibit your work here, here’s the procedure:

  1. Contact Stan Hertzman, curator:


513/878-2240 fax


  1. He will arrange to see some samples of your work that you want to display either on line or at Awakenings at a mutually agreeable time. Please include your resume, bio and description of work.

  1. Once accepted, you will present the specific work(s) you wish to exhibit to curator for final approval.

  1. After approved, the agreed upon pieces will be hung in the morning at 9:00am on the 1st Saturday of the month agreed upon for your exhibit. The same exhibit must be taken down same time on the 1st Saturday of the following month. A piece can be replaced if sold, but the exhibit must stay up the entire month – no blank walls or spaces are acceptable.

  1. Your exhibit must include your Artist’s Biography or Statement on one side of an 8.5” X 11” sheet of paper and framed for displaying. Individual titles for each work and, if for sale, the price for each piece may be either attached to the work or added to your biography/statement. You may also leave your business cards attached to your pieces. We use an adjustable rod hanging system that is quite flexible. Neither using adhesives on nor putting holes in the walls is permitted.

  1. Neither Awakenings nor the curator is responsible for works left on the premises. Awakenings is simply providing a venue for your showing at your risk. Should a sale occur directly or indirectly, on or off premises, as a result of your work being shown at Awakenings, a commission of 20% of the gross sales amount is due to curator from sales of your work, so, price your work accordingly. All dealings for purchases of your works are between you and each buyer.

  1. Generally, the green spaces are for artists showing their work for the first time at Awakenings. For the most part, four different artists will be showing simultaneously, but, on occasion, curator may give more than one space to an artist at his discretion. Correspondingly, if an Artist would like to request multiple spaces for a special showing, please direct that inquiry to Stan. If you are interested in having an opening, reception, or installation, that can be arranged.

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